I wrote this today about Mothers day for me.

  • Foster Kid

    [TW// Mentions child abuse] Taken from a mother, they deemed unfit Up for adoption now a child of the state Meant to be protected, given a safe home In her best interests, did they really care Parents chosen, vetted, green light given Fate sealed, she’s a foster daughter now Predators and prey, lamb to the […]

  • Adoption Reunion

    My adoption reunion has been emotional, triggering and lonely. People think that it is such a wonderful thing to have found your birth family. Well, it is and isn’t, but one thing it can be is very confusing.  I feel as if I have been torn between the little girl me and the adult; one […]

  • Reclaiming Little Mermaid

    Reclaiming Little Mermaid

    *WARNING: Sensitive Post. CSA Trigger Warning!!* I am writing this not only to share Susan’s story, but that of others with similar narratives. Two People stole something from me that I loved, turning it into trauma and fear. It is not an easy read, as it was hard to write. Yet I hope it shows […]

  • Therapy Part One

    Therapy Part One

    There comes a point when seeking help is the best thing you can do for yourself when you’re experiencing poor mental health and unresolved issues. No, it is not a quick fix but could be the beginning of a healing journey.

  • When The Time Comes…

    When The Time Comes…

    That time came on the 8th January 2019, the day my world fell apart, at an appointment with a social worker.

  • Foster Kid Part Two

    Foster Kid Part Two

    ]Trigger Warning// Child abuse] So called foster mother, why didn’t you care. Why not protect her? Keep her safe from harm Was it that she wasn’t yours, shared no blood? There was no bond, no love for that little girl You left her with him. She cried, she begged Not to stay home, knowing what […]

  • Hello Old Friend

    Hello Old Friend

    Hello old friend, it’s been a while As I stir, your presence I sensed Eyes flicker open to a new day I feel you, nestled in your spot Deep sadness laced with fear Air around me yet I can’t breathe Blackness all consuming, suffocating Stealing happiness, dimming the light Like a drug coursing through me […]



    [Trigger Warning]// Child Abuse. . This post is about child protection issues and talks about high profile child abuse cases.

  • Where I Go

    Where I Go

    Where I go at night, no one can protect me. I try to keep them away, but they will not let me. Waiting for a chink in my armour, then they invade. Their embrace twisting around, squeezing tight. They want me to stay, lay down with them. For a while they have me, but I […]